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Thank You Jules And Solonor

Today I had lunch with my good friend Jules and her boys. Jules informed me today that she was going to make me a blog whore. So about after half an hour trying to get blog roll go to my e mail account she set me up with a G mail account. Instantaneously blog roll went to that account. Looking at the template script Jules and I were both scratching our asses trying to figure out where in the script goes in the freaking code .

So right in the middle of working on my links Solonor IM's Jules. Jules reluctantly asked him How much he knewscript codes. He wrote back I am an (S)uper geek. With in minutes he had my blog roll done. There are a few things I need to do with the code. Thank you two for making me the whore I want to be!!


  • woo! we're rolling!

    (such a bad pun but i couldn't help myself)

    ;) sizz

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 7:52 AM  

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