Poz Mikey


Thanks G. T.

I absolutly adore Jules and Remy's boys. For about 10 years I have had a model from the movie Aliens. Me not being good with models. Yes I am the person who only gets his fingers stuck together, high from the fumes, and always have pieces left over when it is finished. G. T. said he would put my model together for me. So I went over to Jules and Remy's place to clean and left the model for G.T., thinking it will take him awhile for him to finish. Calling Jules a few days later I asked if G.T.had time to look at my model. Jules informed me not only did he look at it but it was ready and waiting. "What" I said. "Oh yeah he had it done in less then a half an hour."

So Thank you G.T and it may take a little while but I am going to get you something special for completing something I could never do. If you are wondering where it's at? It is on the top shelf of my computer table.


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