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He Did Not Kill A Cop, Really (well almost)

So, today I am breaking down to pressure and telling you the major drama I had on Monday. Some of the names will be changed to protect the innocent (except mine). So here it goes for all those bloggers.

When I was living in my old HIV/AIDS support house I was asked to take in Jose for a few weeks before we both moved together into our new home. So me being so kind hearted and not wanting to be alone in a big ass Victorian house by myself I said I would. While we lived there Jose went threw everything cleaning for he had O.C.D.

While he cleaned, things of mine disappeared. My cleaning supplies, my bathroom toiletries, my food well you get the drift. I told him nicely please don't touch my stuff. He didn't know what was mine and what was left there by former tenants.

So as of February first, we moved into our newly, beautiful renovated home. His room was right across the hallway from mine. While I was moving I found out later he stole more items from my moving boxes.

Everything went well for a week or two. When Jill and Bob moved in with the baby and puppy they noticed their food was disappearing. Jose would also water down the dish detergent, and he started washing the dishes with bleach.

We all felt we were living under the thumb of Jose. We couldn't do anything without having him touch, rearrange, or destroy and ruin it in some way. So Jill had signed up for internet service with the local cable company. The repair man came out and found feedback from one of the cable lines. The feedback was coming from the line in Jose's room. Jill and myself went in there with the repairman, then Jill saw things that were given to her from this past Christmas by friends and relatives. She also found out he stole her baby wash from the bathroom. How low is that!!!

Wanting to confront Jose, we called the owners of the house to have a house meeting. Needless to say Jose blew it off. This aggravated me even more. Jill, Bob, Justin (aka church mouse for he is so quite) started to write on things. Do not touch, do not water down, it just seemed that was his is his and what is ours is his.

Then Sunday morning Jose got into a confrontation with our gardener. This started the following chain of events. I was angry with Jose, it was all right for him to be angry with someone who did him wrong, but we were not suppose to say a word about his actions.

Later on Sunday, I went to turn on the dishwasher finding out he watered down the Cascade for his own personal use. More anger was building inside me. The last straw for me was when I went to the laundry room to find my new bike placed against church mouse's that could have scratched the hell out of both bikes.

I informed Jill I was tired of his bullshit. I was going to confront him. He had to go somewhere so I had to wait until Jose came home. Hearing him walk in I said we need to talk. Then I really lost my temper shouting at him (which I rarely do) about all the things we found in his room and the other bullshit the roomies hated.

I become vindictive from the things that he stole from the old house and the things he was doing in the new house. I went as far to say everyone in the house hated him. He started to patting my chin being conescending. I told him don't touch me. Now he was really being psychotic from being called out. The next thing I know I am laying flat on my back on my bed from him pushing me. I told him "Get out of my room you freak." I guess you could consider that assaulted. I also found out he was high and I spoiled his high.

While this was going on Bob and his family were taking a nice stroll on the beach, and church mouse was hiding in his room. When Bob and the family walked in the backyard gate. Jose jumped all over them yelling and screaming. Bob confused asking him what the hell are you talking about. Then yelling how I jumped all over him and the three of us were in another argument with Jill putting in her moneys worth.

The way he was acting, church mouse had to call 911 fearing for all our lives. With the police showing up by the time everything calmed, they left. Jose started to act more strangly. Packing his shit up, throwing away things like a futon which Jill and Bob gave him. The T.V. for his room that they gave him so he wouldn't be bored. He was really weird, every time we came out of our rooms we locked our doors. Which now brings me to Monday aka judgment day.

About 9:00 o'clock I hear Jill, Bob and Jose going into round three of a shouting matches. After a few minutes Jill took Jose into his room to work everything out. Bob tells me "Dude you see all the drama you caused. You need to work out your issues with him." I told Bob I would as soon as Jill was done. They came out of the room about 9:30, I told Jose I wanted to work everything out calmly ASAP due to me having appointments at 11:00 and 1:00.

Jose and I talked and work out our differences and it's about 10:25. I said if there is more he wants to talk to me about we can do it when I get home. So I get ready and go to my appointment. To me the meeting went really well for everyone present. Coming out I see Justin sitting there and I say"Hey what's up?" He asked me "Were you at the house when the police came busting in like storm troopers from Star Wars?" No I have been here since about 10:50 for a meeting.

So Justin informs me (for he was out of the house) that the police ran a check on Jose after he called them with Jose's last name Monday morning for we didn't know what his last name was at the time they showed up on Sunday.

Bob gets a phone call on his cell telling him to get everyone out of the house quietly that they are about ready to storm the house for there is a very dangerous and violent man in there living. Me and Justin were already out (I not knowing this was all going down from being at the meeting.) Bob calls to Jill to bring the keys, the baby, and the puppy. Jill yells back "I will in a few minutes." Bob yells back"Now Jill." Hearing something wrong in Bob's voice Jill rushed out of the house.

Outside they find a calvalcade of policemen waiting to rush them to safety behind the closest vehicle. Our street is barricade off, the neighbors out watch this barrage of terror happening in front of their homes.

An Officer asked Bob if Jose was in the house. Bob said no he wasn't that he had no idea where Jose had gone. The policeman didn't believe Bob. They surrounded our house waiting to pounce on their victim like an eagle swooping in for it's pry.

They broke the lattice work of our neighbors fence right outside his window wanting to get a beaded head shot should he try to escape out of his room window. So with Bob, Jill, the baby, and puppy watching all this from behind a truck. The police stalked quietly to Jose's room. Kicking in his door like the do on all police shows breaking the door frame armed with their AK 47s and oozies. They were dressed in full S.W.A.T. gear (without the S.W.A.T. logo) knowing not what they would find when they entered.

Finding that Jose isn't at the house they refuse to let Bob and his family back into the house. So they went off searching for him hoping to get a glimpse of where he was so they could call 911 and have him arrested. They also told Bob that if he shows up at the house to lock themselves and whoever is in the house in a room and call 911 when they were allowed back into the house. They must have been off their rocker. None of us wanted to be here when he saw his door frame broken and the heel mark on his door.

Mean while Justin and me our thinking what the fuck has gone down. I am in tears thinking I ruined everyone's life from simply confronting this man with his bullshit. Justin is in a state of shock as we all were.

It's now about 1:00 (I was too stressed out to make my appointment) and it's pouring down rain. Not having eaten all day we were now coming out of shock getting hungry. We go our separate ways to get a bite to eat. I come back to the meeting place now about 2:00 I say to myself "What the fuck I am going home." So I peddle my ass home not knowing what I would find.

I see the heel mark and the broken door frame. I hear a noise and someone coming in the front door. Freaking out now thinking it is Jose. Finding out that it was Bob coming into the house to get a bottle for the baby. We talked about how none of us want to be there when he arrives home. He also told me that they have been circling the block just waiting for the bastard to get home.

I then asked Bob to drive me to the local mall so I can walk to Jules and plead with her and Remy to stay on their couch for the night fearing for my life. Bob tells me their family can stay at a friends house. I know Justin could also stay at a friend's house.

Knowing that Jules sons get home between 3 and 4 from school, I arrived at Jules front door soaked to the bone pounding to see if the boys are home. No one answers the door. I need to get out of the rain fearing I would catch a cold. Knowing getting a cold could be devastating for me having HIV.

So knowing I need to get out of the rain, I walk into Jules and Remy's garage to keep myself dry. Then I hear Jules son Mouse (not to be confused with church mouse) pounding on the door for his brother to open it so he could get out of the house. I tell Mouse about the major drama at the house and I want to ask his mom and dad if I can stay the night.

Early that morning, Mouse gave his house key to his younger brother thinking he would be home before him. We are both locked out now from Jules house. Mouse breaks in the second floor window and tries to find the house key to allow me to get in the house. He can't find it so I have to wait in the garage.

Now I am in the garage for at least two hours Jules calls Mouse on her way home from work their conversation went something like this.

Mouse: Hi mom, my brother is not home. I am locked in the house. Mikey is here in the garage locked out. He said something like a cop was killed, and oh yeah, don't forget the Cheese It's". So Mouse calls me out of the garage holding the phone to the screen I tell Jules what transpired.

Jules arrives at the house already informing Remy what happened they allow me to stay the night. She unlocks the door and ahhh I think warmth and puppies. Yes Jules had two dogs which are my buddies.

Talking to Jules and telling her about the past few hours events I realize I forgot my meds. Having gotten Jill and Bob's cell phone number, I call them up to see if anything else had happened. They tell me that everyone is going to stay the night in the house and Bob is on Jose watch. I tell them I am staying the night at Jules fearing for my life do to starting the events, plus my bedroom window being right inside the backyard gate. If he tried to break into the house it would be threw my bedroom window. I also tell them we are stopping by to get my meds.

I drive over to the house, Jules is in the passenger seat jamming out to the music from "Georgia" and Solonor's new C.D. I drive by the house slowly not being able to finding a parking space. I park the car and Jill opens the front door for me. Bob saw the car driving slowly by the house thinking it was Jose.

Now for about the warrants. Jose has an outstanding warrant for nearly killing a cop down in southern California. He was in possessions of a weapon. The policeman pulled his gun on him. They had a struggle and the policeman's gun went off two inches from the policeman's head. He also has outstanding warrants here in Santa Cruz for possession of deadly weapons. He did not kill a cop (well he almost did.)

I can't blame the owners of the house for placing him here. Jose we found out four or five alias's so when they did the background check nothing showed up. That is also how he avoided the police for so long.

We are all safe here now and the locks have been changed. As far as we know Jose is still on the run and we are not sure if he will show up again wanting his things. We still are some what fearful for our safety but the house bonded even more. Jill said to me "Mikey for a short guy you really have a lot of balls."(No Jules that wasn't a joke like the one about me being raped.)

So Tuesday all the house mates go to his room to get back our belongings with permission from the owner. We found out he was smoking crack and meth in the house. We did suspect he was using but had no way of proving it. He would cover up his use by dousing himself heavily with cologne. The meth pipe was thrown out and the owners of the house have the crack pipes. My house is a clean and sober house so if we want to drink or whatever it needs to be out of the house. This also explains much of his behavior.


  • Dear God. For real? or a precursor for April Fool's Day?

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 6:48 AM  

  • Kevin-For real no April fools I wish it was.

    By Blogger Mikey, At 7:26 AM  

  • Wow, Jose sounds like a real winner: a druggie, klepto, and wanted for attempted murder! SHEESH! Pray and pray my little ones he is arrested, or at the very least--he never comes near u ever again!

    By Blogger WAT, At 6:39 PM  

  • Wat- He really was a winner. Not

    By Blogger Mikey, At 8:14 PM  

  • Sounds like a Lifetime movie of the week. Sorry you had to have such a starring role.

    By Blogger bob, At 1:31 PM  

  • Geez, I nearly had a breakdown just reading all that drama! I'm glad no one was hurt at the house.

    By Blogger Rabbit, At 6:17 PM  

  • oh. my. god.

    About 1/2 way through your story, I wanted to tuck you in my backpack and bring you home with me. What drama!! I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that... holy shit! Hope all is calm, all is bright. xoxo

    By Blogger GiddyGirlie, At 8:25 PM  

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