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Welcome To The Transamerica Salon Part 1 Thursday (part 1)

So I told you Thursday and Friday were the days from hell at work. First let me give you the rundown of the week. Monday was the house meeting in which the person who really needed to be there didn't show up (down pissed off day). Tuesday my boss calls me up and gives me a non-portable massage table (I'm certified in Swedish massage) which needs a little work on the legs (up day). Wednesday I watched the movie "RENT" which hit to close to home in a few parts (down teary eyed day). Which now brings me to Thursday.

Thursdays I always go in early to clean my bosses room for the upcoming three days. When unlocking the door I find the room in complete disarray. It looked like something from a Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton movie in which even Dorothy would not have survived. I checked the appointment book, first client is at 1:30, it looks as if our 12:30 appointment was erased aka cancelled. Boss calls me up at 11:30 and asks when he has to get to the salon. I inform him it looks like our 12:30 cancelled and it's at 1:30. He tells me"Ok Mikey, I'll still be in about 12:30 to clear with you for what we need to do the next few days. We always go over the client appointment book to make sure all supplies and hair pieces are ready for the natural hair, and the unnatural hair clients.

So I am taking my time cleaning the room thinking kewl I have plenty of time to do my normal Thursday morning duties.

12:20: Marion the receptionist buzz's the room " Mikey, Ms. Rhea is here for her appointment." She always gets a wash and set every week but usually early on Friday mornings. So now I am cursing expletives left and right having just told my boss his first appointment was at 1:30 less then an hour ago. I go to the lobby to inform her that my boss hasn't arrived yet that he his due in shortly offering her water, tea or coffee (part of my job as his personal assistant.) Marion informs me as I'm doing this that my boss is outside talking to one of the other stylist. Thank you god!!!

So walking back to our room, I apologize to my boss for my mistake. We get ready for Ms. Rhea and call her back. I go over to another station and confirm all the appointments for Friday while he is washing Ms. Rhea's hair. I call a client up to confirm his appointment. He is known as Doctor Hot Stuff (woof). He asks if he can change his appointment from 10 Friday morning to later Thursday night. "Sure I say, my boss is open between 4:30 to 6:00 (this comes into play later.)" "I'll take the 4:30 due to I am flying out of the area Friday" says Doctor H.S.

I now have everyone setup for Friday. Walking into the room I hear my boss and Ms. Rhea talking something maybe about drag queens, scratch that, it was about scrungies. So Mikey (I know Ms. Sizzle third person) makes an off colored remark made by the Kinsey Sicks in "Oy Vey In A Manger" about scrungies. (You'll have to click on link and watch the trailer video to find out exactly what I said (hint foreskin it starts 3 minutes into trailer.) Now my boss is giving me the look of death like he just can't believe I said what I said. Working for him for three months most of his clients have a wonderful sense of humor even the L.O.L.s (little old ladies like Ms. Rhea is.) I knew I did something wrong by his look and I am sure to find out later. I rush out of the room doing my other business. My boss finishes with Ms. Rhea calling me into his room. "Usually the joke you made wouldn't have offended most of my clientele. You just told a foreskin scrungie joke to a very, VERY, devout catholic who sews tunics for Priests." saying my Boss. Buzz

Marion: "Mikey the next client is here."

To be continued


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