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Wicked Wednesday

I am starting something new on my blog today. Taking cues from such postings as Mug shot Mondays, half naked Thursday, and what the fuck Fridays. I am going to do mine on hump day. Enjoy.

W.W. 1- The locksmith I saw today locking himself out of a building he was working on and not being able to get back in.

W.W. 2-The little old lady I saw blocking a major street with her car to get out of a parking lot then turning onto a side street she could have gone onto from the other entrance of the parking lot.

W.W. 3- Mouse getting locked in his own house and me being locked out having to stay in the garage for two hours so not to get rained on.

W.W. 4-Me doing weird shit like twice I called people when they were about to call me. Once reading a friend's blog this week and commenting the same time she was reading and commenting on mine.


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