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House Meeting

Well yesterday we had our first house meeting. We met with the new Ms. Woman and went over some of the needs for the house. She seems like she is going to be very good at her job once she settles into her routine.

Now for the ugly part, the one person who everyone seems to be having problems with decided they weren't going to show up. Calling the house phone when the meeting is about to start saying "Please tell Ms. Woman I can't make it there to the house for the meeting." By not showing up, this person stirred up the already boiling juices of raging anger even more. The only thing I will say is things have been disappearing more then food items from the house and Mikey is now on the war path to hell.

When we have the next meeting to confront this person (Should the person show), Mikey will be wielding his flaming tomahawk from hell. I have reached my breaking point, the last straw has been snapped, the last gay nerve has been plucked!!! I am a VERY patient person but don't unleash the mutant queen from hell for she shall burn thy ass to cinders. It's been quite awhile since I had a good argument to get the blood flowing for I am ready for a good confrontation.

Boundaries have been breached, O.C.D. seems now a red herring for a different motives. That bell in which you hear tolling, it tolls for thee my roommate.


  • How mamy roomies are there? I thought it was just you and Sizzle.

    By Anonymous Kevin, At 6:22 AM  

  • Kevin-I have 5 roommates and Sizzle is not one of them. We are friends her Mikey roomie is different

    By Blogger Mikey, At 7:10 AM  

  • yeah kevin, get with the program! ha ha.

    i hope you don't have to lose it on anyone but i know how it is to be looking to blow off some steam.

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 3:20 PM  

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