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The Google "Needs" Meme Part 2

After doing the Google "needs" meme for myself, I decided to turn it around on Google. This is what I came up with doing the search.

1) Google needs to due the same while it has everyone's attention due to the hype (hmmm)

2) Google needs requires more transmitters in Mountain View (where my ex Matthew lives)

3) Google needs to clean house (Any questions?)

4) Google needs trust just as much as it needs connectivity, computers, and storage

5) Google needs friends not foes

6) Google needs to be more evil (I love this one)

7) Google needs to step up in Spyware fight (yes it does)

8) Google needs to be taken down by Roberto Salazar (sounds like a challenge to me)

9) Google needs your help

10) Google needs a Mac and Linux Strategy


  • i did that thing a while ago. try doing it on the google image search. i found two really hot chics that way

    By Blogger treespotter, At 4:24 PM  

  • Treespotter - Can it find me a hot dude?

    By Blogger Mikey, At 4:49 PM  

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