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The Google "Needs" Meme

Still dragging from this past week at work. I don't really want to think so I figured I do the Google "needs" meme.

Go to Google.com and type in your name and "needs" then do a search. Write the ten first sentences that come up.

1) Mikey needs to update his MSN Space's. (I don't use MSN)

2) Mikey needs to grow up (no way I have the Peter Pan syndrom)

3) Mikey needs your support. He's had a stroke so please send him money, your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. (Yeah I had stroke on a few things going on in the states right now. Read that NSA!!! I can always use money. money is good.)

4) Mikey needs some love (OH Yeah!!)

5) Mikey needs to beat up his postal delivery service (does that give me the right to go postal?)

6) Mikey needs to know the truth - is he gay (DUH!!!)

7) Mikey needs a legal opion

8) What Mikey needs is a *rimshot* (I am not touching this one it could get me into trouble if I mentioned names)

9) Mikey needs a miracle and he needs it very soon. (Hell Yeah!!!)

10) Mikey needs to move


  • Okay, so I am thinking about making it MEME Mondays on the blog. I rarely do these things ever, but since I am going to incorporate it, I might as well check it out.......LOL......GG

    Scott needs help from Maryland Players....actually no thanx, have been played enough and there are plenty here in Ohio.

    Scott really needs Mozilla.....have been trying it for a week now, the jury is still out, like some of it.

    Scott needs nude models.....well of course, (and dont think i didnt link to this site, lol)

    Scott needs to get out more.....ummm DUH! life, whats that?

    Scott needs a new myspace name....nah..the gay guru is fine.

    Scott needs our help....heck yea, thanx to Mikey for being one of the first to help, could always use more help for website.

    Scott wouldn't even reiterate Bush's old.....damn skippity, the only time I reiterate anything of Bush's is if I say, "That F**k'n Bush said ___ again."

    okay, bored after 7 lol, maybe wont be MEME Monday after all...hehe..will have to see tomorrow....GG

    By Anonymous The Gay Guru, At 3:32 PM  

  • GG-Are you tired too? It's only Sunday bro.

    By Blogger Mikey, At 4:01 PM  

  • So I figured I'd type in SoCalGal and see what (if anything) would happen. Well, I discovered there are many SoCalGals' out there...knew there was at least one when I tried using it for hotmail. Oh well, I'm sure I'm taller than all of them so will just have to kick some fanny if they misuse the name, too much. Funny answers for GG and Mikey...fun stuff.

    By Blogger SoCalGal, At 4:58 PM  

  • LOL! Here is hoping you get what you need. But don't beat up your postal delivery service.

    I have seen this meme around the blogosphere. I am beginning to wonder about google!

    By Blogger Claire, At 1:09 AM  

  • Go Postal!

    By Blogger kapgar, At 8:42 AM  

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