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Appology To Canadian Girl

I missed Canadian Girl on my "If God" list. I am so sorry love!!! I couldn't upload the the Canadian flag to make you primeminster. So would you settle for the queen of 'myspace


  • Yikes, does she REALLY want that, Mikey? After all, there was that report recently about those 'wanna-be-terrorists' planning to behead the PM. I've kind grown accustomed to CG and would desperately miss her head. ;)

    Love ya both!

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 6:25 PM  

  • Mikey, you are so kind, didn't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyones feeling's...SoonMikey Soon, your day is gonna come and all will be fine with your World!

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 9:38 PM  

  • I don't think I have to remind you what I want...
    xoxo, E

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:51 PM  

  • aww, mikey, you are so sweet! just for that i dub thee sir mikey. and please come back to chat soon - i miss you SOOOO much

    By Blogger canadiangirl, At 10:38 PM  

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