Poz Mikey


Still Hijacked: An Update

Two things, real quick like, and then I promise I'll get outa your hair.

1. As of today we are 1/4 of the way to our goal, and 25% closer to Mikey's New Computer (I swear, I can already hear it whir and smell its little metalic components).For those of you who've already donated, let me just say, you are too damn cool for words. For those of you who still want to, have at it.

2. To whomever kindly noted that the e-mail link in the below post wasn't working: thanks. I usually have web-gurus who take care of all the technicalities for me, and I apologize for the blunder. So, if you're interested in donating to Mikey's New Computer (did i mention that we're 1/4 of the way there?!) but you don't use PayPal, feel free to e-mail me at Jules@lilywhiteintentions.com and we'll work something out.