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Ok I'll admit it, I have been spending alot of my computer time on myspace. I just read what I titled this posting and cracked myself up. It sounds like a pair of holey pantyhose that I would find in the bosses car. Oh BTW he made the S.F. news for gay pride with his outfit!! Well anyway, I love going threw peoples friends on myspace to see who I can find or who they are pretending to be, or that I am a fan.

I have been getting computer time by jumping on other peoples computers and changing my top 24 friends. They are people I know in the flesh, or just on the net, or people who seem like they be fun to hang, or just really fun to have as a friend. So keep checking my top 24 friends. You'll never know who I'll put up for a laugh.


  • Well darn you for making me go check to see what spot I'm at....#4...that's cool...ya move me off the top 24 and you're in BIG trouble buddy!! (are your knees knocking?) Let's just say that you're at #3 on mine right now, but that CAN change...bwaaaahhhhaaaahhaaaa! Be afraid, be VERY afraid! ;)

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 7:24 PM  

  • Hmmm, I've mysteriously moved up to #3 spot...sensing a trend...intimidating Mikey works...should I pull the height card to move further?...hmmmm...uh-oh, just saw who #2 is...might be a California-v-New York showdown...maybe she's threatening Mikey with the fact that those were really HER boobies in his boss' trunk...don't know if I can beat that one...hmmmmmm.....;)

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 11:02 PM  

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