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Computer Update And Myspace

I went to Jules for a little while today. She told me that her computer guru might try to restart the other computer tomorrow. I am so hoping and praying he can restart that computer. Should he not be able to restart the computer, she suggested I try the mom and pop stores around Santa Cruz to inform them that I am trying to put out what living is like on a daily basis with HIV. Working on the HIV website, and the page on myspace with HIV awareness plastered all over that page. That maybe one of them would donate a computer or make some type of easy arrangements to pay it off.

My page is finally set up the way I wanted it set up on myspace. I just have to add one more link to one of the pictures then it is complete. I am sure I will change it once in a while but I am so happy with the finished product. Thanks Tom for creating Myspace.


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