Poz Mikey


Unhijacking - Oh yeah, that's what I like!

Jules here. Back one last time to report that my demands have been met and this blog will be released come morning. That's right, we did it. No, wait, YOU DID IT. And I want to be the first to thank you deep-pocketed, big-hearted mikey-lovin' people. This morning, we not only met, but exceeded our Get-Mikey-Back-On-Line fundraising goal. Now, not only will Mikey have a brand-spanking-new computer, but he'll also have two cheeseburgers and some Jack-In-The-Box curly fries! I'll leave the big thanks to the man himself, but I DO want to say that you played hard and played well and all for a worthy-as-all-get-out cause. Pat yourselves on the back, or better yet, get someone cute to pat you somewhere more interesting.