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Just Say No And Just Say Yes To HIV/AIDS

"Just Say No" was the slogan for the war on drugs in the 1980's. This campaign was spearheaded by former first lady Nancy Reagan. It is my opinion that this campaign was one of the leading causes of the spread of HIV/AIDS in the 80's in I.V.drug users.

Their plan was simply they wanted the I.V. drug users to stop using. So just say no became just say yes to HIV/AIDS. It's very hard for users to stop using and in the 80's they shared dirty needles. Now Santa Cruz county has one of the best needle exchange programs in the country.

In 2005 only one person was infected with HIV/AIDS from a dirty needle here in Santa Cruz county. I think if this state and the federal government would take a good look at the needle exchange program they would see how beneficial it would be to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Low income users would have a safe place to exchange their needles and not be at risk of getting the HIV/AIDS virus. So I would just like to know how many people died because of the "Just Say No" campaign?


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