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In a couple of postings ago entitled "Men, Sex, And Santa Cruz", I stated I may not find a man here here but I'm going to look damn good for Gay Pride On June 3rd. So I really like the way my abs are developing.

I'm not so happy with my pecs muscles. I wish I new a faster was to bulk up. I only have about six weeks to really get my upper torso into shape. As for my legs, I like the way they look from riding my bike everyday.

Can one of you tell me how to bulk up my pecs without steroids? Can you see any difference in my upper body? Everyday I see myself in the mirror and some days I don't think the working out is working.


  • you look wonderful Mikey!!!! I think that all of you looks good and all of my teenie boppers think you look hot too so there!!! As for pecs... hmmm they look good to me!!! What I think might make you more happy is if you work out the upperchest/shoulder area, if you do that it will give your lower chest/peck area more roundy shapely yummyness (very technical terms try to keep up)

    By Anonymous KRISTEN?KRICK, At 9:05 PM  

  • you want to look BETTER than THAT?? greedy boy!! ;)

    By Blogger High Heels, At 3:36 AM  

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