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One Of Those Nights

As I am writing this post, I'm having one of those nights. You know where you get caught up in your head not sure where your life is going. Tonight I feel like my life is stagnated and I don't know what is the next step in my life.

I realized the last few years were for growing. A major growth in health and spirit. A growing in the inner and outer self. I think I'm coming close to another cross road in my life and unsure where my life will take me.

I do know the end of next month will be the three year anniversary of when I found out I was positive. I do know I'm quite a different person and have grown in leaps and bounds in the last three years. I'm just not sure what the next step is and hope I know what I have to do when I recognize it when it arrives.


  • Oh Mikey! Welcome to my world, 'cause you're preaching to the choir.

    Just take it day by day love. Or try to at least. You look great and very healthy. Keep it up sir.

    Don't worry about the future, just let it happen to you.

    God bless.

    By Blogger WAT, At 9:21 AM  

  • I am there with you every step...down whatever road you end up on.

    Much love!

    By Anonymous Kristen, At 10:10 AM  

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