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Trichotillomania Retreat

So one of the things we deal we at work is working with people who have trichotillomania. We style hair pieces which give them a better self esteem. You see when we work with people who need hair pieces, I'm always outside the private room so the client doesn't feel uncomfortable.

People who have trichotillomania compulsively pullout or twist their hair, bite their nails, or pick their skin. No they are not crazy but they do have a disorder. I knew a lot about trich but never really got it until I helped the boss at the trichotillomania retreat on Thursday night.

It is one thing knowing about something. It is another seeing it first hand. I had a slight shock (to my embarrassment) when one of the hair pullers took off her hair piece. She was almost completely bald underneath her hair piece from pulling so bad.

I really got the message of the retreat and why my boss is so passionate about helping the people who suffer from trichotillomania. IMHO the general public needs to learn more about this disorder.

I must admit I have renewed respect for my boss with the work he does with the trichotillomania community. I'm just glad I was allowed to go up to the retreat the other night and get educated about this community. It was something I needed to see first hand. Our salon will also be participating in the national Trichotillomania salon week October 1 to 7 so they have a safe place to have their hair cut and to have their hair pieces styled.

If you like to learn more about trichotillomania. You can click here to visit the Trichotillomania Learning Center's website.


  • Mikey,

    As someone who has TTM, I see a lot of misunderstanding and sometimes it even comes from professionals such as psychologists; we often add or adjust the info we see here online.

    To preface, I've had TTM or trichotillomania for nearly 12 years.

    TTM is an impulse control disorder, so we don't "compulsively" pull out our hair. We may twist it instead, in hopes that we won't pull. The nail biting and skin picking are related to TTM, but it's not necessarily included as TTM -- strictly speaking. It's comorbid -- it occurs concurrently.

    The website for more info: http://www.trich.org

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:27 PM  

  • technically, trich is a compulsive disease related to OCD. it IS intact a compulsive dosorder that is due to low seritonin flow. all i know is it sucks to have it but i dont know how to stop. ive been doin it for nearly 10 years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:57 PM  

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    By Blogger dcohen, At 4:40 PM  

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