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House Sitting and The King

Right now I'm posting from the salon owners house and from her computer. I miss my own desktop, cam, and mic. For the next four days, I'm working, house and pet sitting. The salon owner's dog is a King Charles Cavalier. I swear this king is a queen. Yes I know now there are two queens in the same house.

So tomorrow I'm working then after work I owe the esthetician a massage. I was having one of my not so great days from the meds. I also was having trouble with the heat in the salon too. So our new little cute esthetician gave me a facial to feel better yesterday.

Can I tell you bloggers something? If I didn't work with this dude I would soo ask him out on a date. Thank god I'm professional when I do massage and know my boundaries. So tomorrow night, I'll behave myself but my hormones will say go for it dude!!


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