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No Slowing Down

My world is not allowing me to slow down. My doctor last week advise me to slow down but that's not going to happen sometime in the middle of October. You see I have some big comments the next few weeks.

The end of this week is hectic and so is all of next week and the following week. This week besides my regular work, I will be house sitting and doggy sitting till Sunday. The salon owner is going on her yearly family camping trip and asked to to watch her place. Should I post or do anything on the computer it will be from her computer.

This coming Sunday will be the three year anniversary of when I found out I was positive. I'd like to do something special for myself on this date but not sure if I'll have the funds due to having rent to pay this Monday. I need to turn this one day from something so negative into a joyous celebration of life and of being me becoming a much stronger person.

All next week the salon will be participating in the National Trichotillomania salon week. We will be offering a safe environment for people suffering from Trich to have services rendered in a non judgmental environment.

Saturday this last day of Trich salon week is my birthday. Yes October 6 this blogger will become a 45 year old fart. My dream was to go skydiving or do something outrageous but as usual funds. life and commitments have put a damper on that dream for the time being.

Before the kidney flair up, I promised a former co work that I would paint the outside of her house. I going ti try to get around to doing this commitment the first part of the week after my birthday. I love this person and I can not let her or her sister down. Her sister is having worse health issues then me. When I make a commitment I do my best to fulfill that commitment

Oh I also have to renew my A. D.A.P and my other benefits during the first week of October. I will not be able to slow down till the middle of the month. I also have a dentist appointment and maybe a doctors visit thrown in here. Sometime during this time period I will have to find time for myself. I have a lot on my plate the next few weeks!


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