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Educating The Educators

So I posted I was discriminated against for having HIV at the local cosmetology school here in Santa Cruz. I contacted the local AIDS organization and discussed our options in this issue. Unfortunately we don't think we can sue for they are a division of Goodwill industries. What we did decide is to write a letter requesting a meeting to resolve this issue of HIV discrimination. I've written the letter waiting for final approval from the local AIDS case manager who is handling my case to send it to the appropriate people for a meeting.

In the letter I stated why I felt I was a victim of discrimination along with how they now violated the state board of cosmetology rules and regulations. In the meeting my case manager knows what I want and we will see what they offer. Plus in this meeting, I'm going to be educating the educators on their on turf. This is such a break threw for me taking what I've been trying to do in the virtual into the real world. I'm really stoked seeing my dreams of educating about HIV in the real world taking shape.


  • Happy Thanksgiving baby!

    Yes, an activist for the HIV/AIDS cause is a great thing! KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!


    By Blogger WAT, At 10:13 AM  

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