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Idea For A New Blog

At work today, we came up with an idea for a whole new blog. The blog would only consist of underwear and panties stories. This idea was inspired from all the panties stories our clients have been tell us at the salon.

The three that stand out in my mind is the woman's car breaking down and her taking off her panties and hanging them from the radio antenna for help. The second is the mother who for got her hair net and placed her cotton panties on top of her head to sleep in at Disneyland and her grandchildren walk in on her.

My all time favorite is a woman helping out a wedding at her church. What she did was soiled her panties, rinsed them out and put them in the church microwave to dry. Well they burst into flames in the microwave and the husband had to dowse them in the sink. The next day there was a sign with a red circle with a line threw it that with no wet panties hanging on the microwave. Yes these are all true stories!!


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