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The Interview And First Step

Yesterday I had my interview with the collage student discussing HIV/AIDS. What I liked about this student was that he came prepared with questions. I helped out another U.C.S.C. student doing an interview and they had no questions in hand and very unprepared.

We were able to use one of the rooms at S.C.A.P. He set up the recording device and we talked for about a hour. He checked the recording device and oopsie it didn't record anything of the interview of the full hour. So he was able to get the device to record and talked about my experience dealing with HIV/AIDS for another hour and a half.

I really love speaking to people about HIV/AIDS. His project is only suppose to be up to eight minutes long. He has a lot of editing to complete and a huge amount of information. He also thanked me for being so open and knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS. Most people in his mind, would have only given yes or no answers to the questions and not be truly open to educate.

I took my first step to public speaking about the HIV/AIDS virus. There is a volunteer, private sector group known as the Triangle Speakers who go out to schools discussing issues in the gay community. I placed a phone call to them asking for more information about public speaking.


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