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And Here's To You...Mikey

This has been a truly weird week. It's been so up and down I don't know where to start. Let's see, things that happen to me. My boss and I had a two hour meeting Monday so I didn't get my duties done. I've been playing catch up all week. The videography is going to be an audio and slide show instead of a tape. I made a pot of coffee and forgot to turn on the coffee maker.

Our part time receptionist had carpal tunnel surgery. She showed up at the salon for work. Well I had to the bank for my boss, the receptionist asked if I would take car and fill it up with gas. I took her car and the gas station I was going to go to was closed due to construction. (It wasn't when I rode by in the morning to work. I went to another gas station and gout out of the S.U.V. I went back to the gas tank door and pushed on the side to open the door. It's didn't open so I pushed on the top, the bottom, then the other side. Still the door didn't open. So I took something blunt on her key chain and try to pry it open and still it didn't open. I was thinking "How the hell do you open this gas tank door?" Then it struck me it might have a hinge inside the car cabin. I open the driver door and looked down and there it was in it's full glory. DUH!!

Valentines Day was alright until the last three two hours of work. My boss decided to ride my ass about an issue. He put more duties in my hands and I still haven't gotten my raise from over a year ago. He needs to start throwing me some nice bones like weekly bonus, or getting me some nice stuff if he can't afford giving me a raise.

Right after that, the owner calls asking me when she got back if I would run to our supplier where she was at for they screwed up our order. So I did go back to the supplier getting everything handled.

After I came back from the supply house, my boss had a client in my chair who isn't in my top 10 of favorite clients. She is a 90 year old woman who looks like she's 65 and acts like a 30 year old. Well this LOL PITA (Little Old Lady Pain IN The ASS) started hitting on me. She complimented on how I was dressed. She kept going on and on how cute I was and that she wanted take me home and eat me up (Ewwwwwwwwwwww.) I'm so not into women!! I asked her "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?" She just kept going on, and on and would leave me alone. So I kept calling her Mrs. Robinson until I left work.

Then she had the audacity hinting that she wanted me to take her dog for a walk. She also asked me if I liked her dog. (I just kept my mouth shut and walked out of the room. We allowed her to bring her dog into the salon one time. The fucking dog pissed on the floor and I had to clean up the piss. I never told her about the piss.)

After I left the room, I completed my duties and asked my boss if I could leave. He said sure and I changed my clothes and got my ass out of there as fast as I could get my ass out of the salon. Last night I was so pissed, and frustrated. I wanted to go out to bar, get a stiff drink, raise my glass toasting "And here's to you...Mikey! You give and give and get shit upon. You give and give and yet you receive nothing but aggravation in return!!"


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