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Oh What A Feeling

I'm so happy today that I'm as giddy as a school girl in heat. I went to the doctor today to get my lab results. I waited patiently for my doctor to arrive in my room and give me my results. I'm always nervous when I have my labs drawn never knowing when I'm going to take a turn for the worst.

Well my doctor pulled up my numbers and I almost keeled over. He told me my T cells had jumped over 120 points. They are now at 608. This is the first time they have been over the 600 mark. This is almost 10 times what they were a little over three years ago. I started this journey with only 65 T cells.

As for my viral load, it was at 62 which is very good. It's only 12 points from being undetectable. I have been undetectable and this small jump doesn't worry my doctor. He was quite happy with my results. Your viral load is considered undetectable when it is less then 50.

OMG oh what a feeling, I want to do the horizontal dance with someone right now on the ceiling....to celebrate. hehehehehe


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