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Please Read This Posting

Today I want to pimp someone else's blog for I feel it's a very important posting. Here I am on the world wide net, myspace, and the bloggers sphere trying to educate about HIV/AIDS, and living daily with HIV/AIDS.

LGBT Revolution e mailed back and forth with someone who was ignorant and abrasive of their information about the HIV/AIDS virus. LGBT Revolution blogged the conversations and responses they had with this person.

I had to walk away from LGBT's posting a few times. I really couldn't believe my eyes what I was reading. It was so disturbing to me it got my knickers in an uproar. LGBT's posting is something everyone should read.

Thank you for doing that blog posting LGBT. To read this amazing and disturbing post, please click here. If you are the person who had this conversation with the LGBT Revolution please delete yourself IMMEADATLY as my friend on myspace. You are no friend of mine and I do not want you as a friend on myspace or in the real world.


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