Poz Mikey


814 Billion

I cannot not keep my mouth shout on this issue. I herd on CNN last night that the government has giving 814 billion dollars to these failed institutions. To me, that's giving the CEO's of these companies a free house, and spending money in their severance packages which I feel they shouldn't receive. That's the government rewarding them for not doing their jobs correctly. It's being rewarded where as us low life Americans would have been fired and tried for fraud, deception, and treason against the American public if we pulled the same stunts these CEO's pulled off on this country.

I'd like to tell the politicians that I'm a failure too. I'm struggling just to survive. I haven't reached one major goal in any part of my life in which I set for myself when I was younger. All my hopes and dreams have been crushed, stifled, dashed over the years. Even the smaller goals I set for myself this year I'm not going to be able to obtain. Do you have any idea what you've been putting me thru the last few months. I'm broken down mentally and physically at this time. I've lost hope in everything and see no way out. Now when are you going to give all of us a break?


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