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A Comedy Of Errors

So this morning was an absolutely comedy of errors. I was suppose to be on my way home today from my friend Jules house but couldn't find my ticket home. You see I must have left the book I was reading on the bus (in which had my ticket in it)in Jules' husband's car. He left for a meeting in southern California yesterday with my ticket still in the car and I forgot the book was there. The bus station here doesn't open till 9:00 am and the bus I need leaves at 7:25 am. The only other bus today that leaves here is at 5:25 pm and doesn't arrive in Santa Cruz till 1:00 am in which I'm not willing to do.

Also Remy got wrong information for his meeting and left a day early for southern California. If he would have gotten the correct information, I'd have ticket home with no drama. I think why I left the book in his car was because things were hectic when I arrived in Modesto. The good thing about this comedy of errors is I'll be spending another day with the people I love.


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