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Holiday movie season

At the end of the year Hollywood releases there big blockbuster movies. Most of time maybe there's maybe one I'm interested in seeing. There are four this year for me. The first one is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and looking forward to seeing this flick. The second is the movie adaptation of the musical RENT. Rent deals with people living with HIV/AIDS. I have not seen the stage version of this show. Usually I like the stage versions more then the movie versions. Case in point is A Chorus Line. Yes I do love the movie version of Chicago. Cell Block Tango rules!!!! The Producers by Mel brooks. I love the original film and looking forward to seeing how they treat this adaptation. Spring time for Hitler in Germany is a classic piece of cinema. Last but not least is Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. I am not a Jack Black fan but I feel Jackson knew what he was doing when casting him. From watching the theatrical trailer this looks like it's going to be great follow up to Jackson's Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Jackson has come a long way from directing The Frighteners which stared Michael J. Fox. For all those Smeagal/Golom fans out there look for Andy Serkis (my Precious) as Lumpy the cook. I just hope these four flicks do justice to the generas from which they were inspired.


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