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The other night I pulled out my copy of "Willow" staring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. In this movie is a character actor named David Steinberg. David played Willow's best friend Meegosh. When I lived in Pennsylvania, a friend of mine was dating one of the Hershey Park entertainers. That's when I became an acquaintance of David's for one summer. He was playing a small pirate for the children's show at the time. Since then I look for him in films and shows that have little people in them . I saw David recently in an episode of "Charmed". David has a great sense of humor. I never forgot about hang out him. I'm still glad to see him acting. The other day I borrowed Jule's version of Moulin Rouge. Being a hopeless gay romantic just like "Willow" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have to turn this film off at a certain point so it has a happy ending. As much as I like all of Baz Luhrmann films, such as Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge. He always seems to have great visuals in his film. I have one question. Why do most of his films have sad endings? He's also working right now on a new project. I wonder if this project will have a happy endind.


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