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Friday was a very emotionally draining day for me. At work one of the clients over stepped her professional client boundaries. She is one of the pitas (pain in the asses) I have mentioned before on my blog. Being in the profession she works in, she should know her boundaries.

I called my MOM up today to let her know I was doing well. She told me that my ex brother -in -law died Tuesday morning from pancreatic cancer. We knew he was very ill for a few months and wouldn't last long. His third wife (my sister was his first) is having him cremated and hand out his ashes in little pots to the people at his memorial. I don't know about you but I find that a little morbid.


  • Sorry about the PITA at work, Mikey...shall I kick some arse for ya? ;)
    And also sorry about your ex-bil. As for the ashes thing, everyone handles those situations differently. Can't say I've ever heard of anyone handing ashes out at a memorial. Having worked in the veterinary field for years, I have heard all kinds of things regarding pets and ashes. I actually had my cocker cremated, which is something I probably would have thought was weird until I worked in the field. Still have his ashes in the cedar box they returned them in on a shelf in the bedroom. Always figured I'd find something funky and soooo Roderick to put his ashes in, but still haven't. Sorry for digressing.... Miss ya buddy! :)

    By Anonymous SoCalGal, At 11:31 PM  

  • We all have PITAS in our lives...just wish I could Bitch Slap Them or send a slap gram across the room! What was that song referring to ex-bro-in-law...Alittle Bit of ....I digress. In rsponse to SoCalGAl, I too have my furbabies ashes and decided that when I go, her ashes will be buried with me...she hated being alone, so we'll all go together to Rainbows Bridge!

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 11:59 PM  

  • I believe we need to go back where we come from- the earth... I can not imagine some one is holding dead people's ashes in their jar...

    ps: those pitas...feel sorry for them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:34 AM  

  • pitas suck. dontcha love being in 'public service' profession. ugh. hazards of the job.

    as far as the ashes thing. (and yes, i agree, morbid) however, one thing i've learned is that people deal w/their grief in different ways. for years i always said i'd never have my pets cremated. (i worked in the vet biz for 10yrs) i now have a 15yr old cat who has been closer to me than any of my other pets. knowing i will be facing her loss in the near future, i'm thinking differently. still don't know if i'll cremate, but i feel a need to have 'something' of her. maybe a clipping of fur in a locket, maybe cremation, i haven't decided. but her loss will be devastating to me. and i'm sure i won't know what i'm going to do until the day it happens.

    By Anonymous ~*~ pinky ~*~, At 6:06 AM  

  • Sorry to hear about your ex bro-in-law. The ashes thing? Yeah, Morbid City. I can only imagine me being at the memorial service.

    "Here you go, Karl."

    "What's that?" I'd ask.

    "It's a little pot with some of his ashes in it."

    "Oh, wow. Very, er, thoughtful. Thanks, but no."

    "Please. We'd like you to have it," they'd politely impose.

    "Yeah, I can't. I'm very...allergic."

    "Allergic?" Now they'd be giving me incredulous looks.

    "Well, to dust and ashes, yeah. I can't even come within 50 feet of a barbeque grille. Thanks anyway, though."

    "Liar. You just don't want the ashes, do you?"

    "Is it that obvious?"

    By Blogger Karl, At 8:59 AM  

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