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How Kewl Are Fellow Bloggers

I love my fellow bloggers and want to out a few people.

First- Jules and Sizzle I bought the go blog urself tee shirt from Rosie.com and you two turned around and purchused me one.

Second- Dave2 at blogography. I recieved my Zombies ate my brians Tee shirt and I love it bro. I nearly wigged out when I saw it glowed in the dark.

Third- Don't get mad at me Kev but kapgar bought me my Alice Deejay album I always wanted from my Amazon wish list. It came in the mail yesterday.

So to all above thank you so much. That's how kewl fellow bloggers can be!!!!


  • Ah... that's a reflective white. I'd have loved to use glow in the dark, but it turned the zombies GREEN. Maybe next time.

    Anyway, glad you like it. :-)

    By Blogger Dave2, At 10:01 PM  

  • Why would I be mad at you, man? I'm just glad you liked it. What I was hoping for was that Amazon allowed for anonymous gifting so you could post about how it's killing you that you don't know who sent it to you. That would've made it fun. Muahaahhahahahahha!

    By Blogger kapgar, At 10:28 PM  

  • You are being loved...Mikey
    Glow in the dark...Have you guys ever used glow in the dark condoms? It was rather funny to me. It also reminded me the fighting scene from Star Wars!

    I still want to make Ross's blog t shirt. So don't give up waiting.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 5:21 AM  

  • awww. you have some awesome bloggy friends. and you deserve them :)

    By Blogger suze, At 6:43 AM  

  • don't forget- dvd player! ;)

    bloggers are some of the best people in the universe. i am convinced.

    By Blogger Sizzle, At 7:30 AM  

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