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Why I Wear Four Bracelets

Someone ask me in my comments a while ago on my blog,"Why do I wear so many bracelets." Well I wear four one my left wrist.

1: Is the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet which identifies with people who I know have cancer or are cancer survivors.

2: Is the white "One Campaign" which wants to end world poverty and HIV/AIDS.

3: Is the red HIV/AIDS bracelet which states "Hope, Faith, Courage" which is the way I try to live my life.

4: Is the blue "Make A Wish Foundation." I had a friend in Maryland who they granted a wish for him. He died a few years later from a freak wheelchair accident.

I hope to add one more to this list. The metal until there's a cure HIV/AIDS bracelet which I will have by the World AIDS Day December 1st this year and I will wear on my right wrist.


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