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Apologies And Pissed At Self

First to Jules and G.T. I'm so sorry Jules for calling your son "A little shit of a son." We talked on the phone but I want everyone to know how much I love and adore you and G.T. So to all my readers I fucked up!! I am so sorry again.

To "The Gay Guru" I'm sorry I haven't sent you that drug watch yet. I went to write it last night and picked up the Spanish version of the book I needed instead of the English version. I'm so pissed off at myself!! My English version is on Jules desk. "The Boss" has been keeping me super busy this week with the condo. I will get it out to you ASAP when I can get to Jules and pick up the English version.


  • Glad Jules Mom is doing better...Don't be too hard on yourself ... I know you are kind and loving and really Love Jules et.al ... and were probably going for the laugh ...but the fumes did you in.....LOL...Would so Love for you to make it to NY btw ......

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 1:12 AM  

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