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As I told you, I am helping "The Boss" paint his condo. Well yesterday I was sick all day from using the primer. I used a mask and that didn't help. I also worked another 7 hours on his condo not feeling well. I don't call in sick to work unless I'm really, really sick. Today I will be there painting while he is at the salon. I really do love my boss and he's one of the best bosses I ever had working. He also understands what having HIV is like since some of his friends have HIV.

I'm a fan of "Project Runway" on Bravo. Their catch phrase is how I treat my friends. "Your either in, or your out!" It's one of my guilty pleasures. For those of you on myspace, you can link and add them as a friend. I have them right now beside Ross "The Intern" on my top 24 friends. They are having a contest to go to the finals at Olympus Fashion week in NYC. I would love to win for two reasons. First I love NYC and would go to some shows on Broadway. The second would be I have some blogger buddies that live in that area and it would give me a chance to meet then in real life.

Speaking of contest, I promised the Gay Guru I would pimp his contest. GG has a contest like Pauly D. had where you have to answer 15 questions by linking to different bloggers. You could win a $50.00 gift card.

My friend Jules mom is in the hospital with heart pain. I called Jules last night and she was in the shower. I left a message with her son G.T. So Jules. I did call and check. Your little shit of a son might not have given you the message. Let G.T. know I blogged his ass. So please stop by Jules blog and give her mom get well wishes.


  • um Mikey, the funny thing about kids is that I can call him a little shit under my breath when i'm pissed off and it feels ok, but when you refer to him as my "little shit of a son" publicly, well it doesn't feel so ok.

    and my mom is better today, just so you know

    By Blogger Jules, At 8:44 AM  

  • Mmmmm, Project Runway. Loving Vera Wang but I want Michael Kors to come back.

    By Blogger snackiepoo, At 1:02 PM  

  • Wow I made the top 24, I am so blessed. When you need your apartment painted I am so there, in spirit! :)

    By Blogger Metal Chick, At 1:52 PM  

  • Mikey, please be careful...worried about you being overcome by those fumes...you must have open windows and good ventilation when doing that shit.... You may love your Boss, but he should have waited a bit until it cooled off a little .. even with the Breeze you get...sometimes it's just too hot to paint! I must say that as a sympathy puker, we had a tough night last night.....feel better you little shit!

    By Blogger A Voice For My Random Thoughts, At 1:06 AM  

  • Project Runway is the best. MAKE IT WORK MIKEY!

    And one of those NYC friends you need to meet is me! That would be such a thrill.

    Have a great weekend buddy!

    By Blogger Joe, At 6:59 AM  

  • That's right, and *I'm* the one that turned Hilly onto Project Runway. Heh. Great show.

    Hope Jules' mom is doing better. I may find out more and I read through your backlog. Haven't read blogs since Wednesday. Can you say "Way too many frakking blogs to read?" I can.

    By Blogger Karl, At 3:26 PM  

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