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Candles For Peace

I found a group that is lighting virtual "Candles For Peace" in the Middle East on myspace. With all the death and suffering in this world, do we really want man made death too of thousands and thousands of lives? Let the war mongers of this world read our voices. There are other ways of solving problems then just going out and killing the innocents of this world. I have never tagged anyone with this blog but I am today. I'm tagging everyone to put these candles on your blog sidebar. Put these candles in your profile on myspace. Let the people in the Middle-East know not everyone wants war and we do care about their race.


  • I'm all for giving peace a chance, but sometimes I feel there are people out there who do not know anything else but violence and that THEY will not learn through any other method.

    By Blogger WAT, At 5:39 PM  

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