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Seeing Red

As you may know, Bono and "The One" campaign and "Global Fund" have teamed up with manufactures to do the "Red Campaign." This campaign is to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

I personal feeling is that it is a wonderful idea to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS. The consumer gets kewl items. The manufacturers donate up to 50 percent of their profits it's almost a win win situation for everyone.

The problem I have with this campaign is most of the money is going to Africa. They are saying their HIV clients are not getting their antivirals. Until we change the government attitudes in Africa they will not get their pills.

I saw a interview a few week ago with a health official from South Africa. I can not give you the direct quote but it when something like "We don't believe in the antivirals. We are trying treat HIV/AIDS with regular drugs."

I don't want to deny the people in Africa from getting medications. I feel it is important for them to receive their medications. My problem is if your the "Global Fund" and "The One Campaign" and you manifesto is to end world poverty and HIV/AIDS. Then use the money globally and not just in one Continent. My other problem is that Bono praised President Bush on his fight against AIDS on Larry King Friday night. President Bush has cut funding for people living with HIV in this country.

I will give props to Bono for his fight against HIV, but some of the things he said on Larry King turned my stomach. He mentioned that Americas founding fathers were his heroes. That there treasonous ways, their honor, and the vast wealth all went to the cause for Americas freedom from Great Britain.

He said that he would only put his honor at stake but not his vast wealth. I don't believe in being treasonous and I totally get his opinion on treason. What I don't get is not using your vast wealth for something believe is just. To me he sounded like he wanted to use other peoples money who our less fortunate and not his own money.

What do you think?


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