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OMG What A Week

I hate giving kuddos to myself. I dislike people who need to be the center of attention but I'm going to do it today. First was my two year anniversary of find out I was positive.

Then I found out I was blogger of the month on Ross "the interns" Mathews blog. I love his blog and his chat room.

Today is the one year birthday of this blog. My first posting was about my best friend here in Santa Cruz. I love you Jules. Since adding the counter for this blog towards the beginning of this year. This blog has had over 12,500 hits. Happy Birthday my blog.

Speaking of birthdays, my birthday is this Friday. Yes I'll be turning a year old. Jules asked me to come over for dinner Friday night after work. I really don't expect much but if you like to get me something my wish list is on my sidebar. There I said it JULES!! ROFLMAO!! I will also be doing a video blog tomorrow if it comes out right. I hope everyone is having a great week like I am!!


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