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Trichotillomania Awareness Week

From October 1st to October 8th is trichotillomania awareness week. All of you may ask what is trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is someone who compulsively pulls out hair.

They can pull out their hair from on top of their head. They also pull out their eye lashes and eye brow hair. They will pull out other peoples body hair. They can also pull out the fur of pets.

School teachers will have at least one student in their career who will have trichotillomania. How does this happened? Well do you remember when you were in science class and ask to pull out a hair from your head to look under a microscope?

Most of us said "Ouch that hurt," but someone in that that class said to themselves "Hmm that was kind of different and felt good." So they kept on pulling. For some people pulling is better then sex so I've herd!!

I'll admit I never herd of trichotillomania till I started working for my boss. To my surprise the National Trichotillomania Learning Center is located here in Santa Cruz.

My boss and deal with these clients sometimes at work. We do not try to cure them for their is no cure for trichotillomania. We just try to offer them some type of solution to their hair pulling problems so they can try to have a normal life.


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