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So I had another councilor meeting today. Today she really worked me hard discussing acceptance. There are some things I need to accept. Like accepting that I'm getting older. Accepting my skin and body are going to show signs of aging.

Accepting the things I can change and those I can't change. Accepting that there is still prejudice in the world. The prejudice between races, sexes and even in the gay world. You see I have said many times I'm into younger guys on this blog. The younger guys don't want anyone over 40 years of age. I'm past that mark.

She told me I needed to accept myself and do a conformation of acceptance for the hard work I have been doing. Letting myself accept the work I have been doing trying to bulk up and get ripped.

A lot of times I am more accepting of others then myself. I am by nature more of a care giver to others then myself. I need to start accepting who I am and the goal I am so striving for. That goal happens to be find a great significant other, move in with them and have a commitment ceremony.


  • Good goals sweetie, be strong be proud and know that you look freaking amazing!!!

    *side note* did you see american Idol?? One of the back up singers was wearing an Inspi(red) shirt**

    By Anonymous Kricks, At 9:15 PM  

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