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540, 8, Undetectable

So I went to the nutritionist yesterday. I was hoping to get into the 8% body fat range. Needless to say I didn't do it, I'm at 9.8%. Some of the factors why I didn't was because I lost some weight so if I stayed the same weight where I was at it would have been lower.The good news is most people my age have 35 to 50 pounds of muscle. I have 70 pounds of muscle so I blew that number out of the water!!

She also showed me my latest labs a week early before I see my doctor. Right now my T cells also known as my CD 4 count is at 540. My viral load again is now undetectable. I've come along way since September 2004. This is the first time my T cells are over 500 since I first got sick!!

Most of you know when I first found out I had HIV/AIDS my viral load was 555,221 and my T cells were at 65. I must be doing something right. Since she knows I want to get into the 8% of body fat range. she has agreed to see me more often. She also gave me an exercise to build up my pecs more. She said I'm well on my way to hitting my goal and getting that V shape I've been so working hard on to achieve.

I see my nutritionist again in October around my birthday. My goal is still to hit that 8% body fat range or less. She also told my I'm in the top physical percentage for my age range and she likes us to be vain. It helps people with HIV/AIDS in the future when you workout and are in better shape. She also said if I have very little body fat it could be bad for me in the future. I think 8% is just right and it feels like the right target where I should be. I'm a VERY happy camper right now. I may not have hit one goal but I hit another with my T cells being over 500!!


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