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HIV/AIDS Retreat

Memorial day weekend I am going to a HIV/AIDS treat. It's called +PozNeg- Gathering Gay and Bi Men's Retreat & Dialog. I'm I excited about this treat? Hell yeah, I'm getting out of Santa Cruz for another weekend. Not only that I'll be meeting other men who live outside Santa Cruz and can ask them questions about their life.

It's going to take place in Medocino county and in a town called Willits . The lodge we are staying at is the Brooktrails Lodge. They have hot tubs, massage and Osteopathic manipulation. The courses are....

Opening and closing rituals


Body Electric work

Opening to your playful self (like I really need this one)

The journey to wholeness

Communicating across the sero-status divide

Along with other classes about sex, drugs and other issues.

I'm so excited to go to this retreat. I also received a full scholarship which means all my lodging and food is covered. I'm also REALLY pushing my workouts. This takes place one week before Santa Cruz pride and I'm loosing a week for my goal!!


  • Have a great time, dude. Sounds like a nice little slice of heaven.

    By Blogger Karl, At 8:41 PM  

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