Poz Mikey


The Day After Recap

You all know yesterday was my birthday. I worked at the salon from about 8:15 to 4:30. Afterwards we headed to the Trichotillomania Learning Center for their open house. That lasted till about 6:00. The salon donated a basket filled with product and services. The retail value of this basket was about 200 dollars. A women in Salinas won our very nice prize basket.

We left the learning center and the boss and salon owner took me out to dinner for my birthday. It was one of my favorite eating joints called Kianti's. Kianti's is a pasta bar/pizza place where the former world champion pizza dough spinner works. (He is now forth in the world.) Every Friday and Saturday night they put on a floor show done to 40's swing music with the waiters and cooks line dancing and the pizza dough spinners spinning. It was great and very fun to watch. I couldn't stop thinking about Rocky Horror and the floor show while they were performing.

For dinner we had the best cheese garlic bread. The boss and salon owner both had salads. ( I didn't want one for I'm not much of a salad eater.) Then we all had ravioli with different sauces. Then it was time for my presents. The boss gave me a Citizen eco drive watch. All the salon workers signed a card for me along with the people from TLC and clients. I received a gift card to my favorite coffee shop here from all the clients. Trust me that card is going to be used up very quickly. The funniest gift was a bar of carrot soap. There is a story behind (figuratively and literally) this gift. I'll post it tomorrow. All and all my birthday wasn't that bad. I still want to skydive and I shouldn't have seen the new Ipod nanos. I purchused my Ipod in February now I want one the the new (Product) red Ipod nanos.

Footnote: Sorry for not shaving when I took the pic to show the color of my hair!!