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We Tried Zebra Stripes!!

So when I got to work today I had a very nice surprise waiting for me. I got into the salon and one of the manicurist was there waiting to give me a manicure and a pedicure. OMG I loved it soo much! After she was done my boss came into work to give me fun hair.

He pulled out these stencils he purchased from 21 years ago and he never used them once. We bleached out my hair and the boss wanted to try out the zebra/tiger striped stencil. I said sure it will be fun hair.

What we found out trying out this stencil is we needed a smaller applicator. When it was all said and done my stripes were to wide and nether of us liked the result.

So next he decided to put the color on the whole head that we used for the stripes. When it was done I really liked the front and top. The sides I'm not thrilled about but they'll be gone in a week or two with my normal haircuts.


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