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I've been really down at this time. The salon isn't doing as well as we hoped. We can't find stylist who are dependable enough to show up for work. From what I have seen, stylist that come straight out of beauty school think they are going to have a large clientele right away.

I feel lost right now and don't know how to turn our salon around. Granted I'm not a stylist but I do massages when required, I'm more of a glorified receptionist, cleaner, and a do everything else person . I'm also not the owner or manager of the salon but want us to succeed.

Between my issues and the salon issues, I've been down the last two months. I need to figure out how to get out of this mood and slump. I know we all have periods in our life when we are down. This is my time to be down and I have to accept these feelings. I also seem to feel what people are feeling around me. Does that seem strange?


  • How about an idea that I have run, and was pretty succesful at. Try to team up with a neighborhood bar that has a pretty happening happy hour, (gay or straight.) Offer to come in some night during the week for them to run a promotion called "Martini and a Manicure" or "Martini and a Massage". Then you bring in a couple of guys or girls from the salon, have the bar charge $10 dollars or up, and when they get their drink they get a ticket for mini manicure or a mini neck and shoulder massage. The customer brings the ticket to your staff when open, give them the service, and then at the end of happy hour, or however late you are going, turn in your tickets and each one is worth half the price of what the bar charged, IE: $5 for a $10 ticket, etc. You get to have some fun, AND you can hand out business cards and get referrals...........Good Luck Mikey..........GG

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  • Well, aren't you a Cancer? You're prone to feeling more down than others and experiencing what they are.

    It's part of our make-up unfortunately. We can't help it, being the sensitive souls we are.

    Take care, and don't be so hard on yourself.

    By Blogger WAT, At 9:41 AM  

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