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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I truly believe no good deed goes unpunished. Yesterday I went out to lunch with a good friend named Ms. Youth and her BFF ruby. After we ate, we went to Costco and found these nice UGG knockoffs. They were less then a third of the price of regular UGGs. Ms. Youth said she would but Ruby and myself a pair for gifts.

Ms. Youth told me Rudy's size and I snuck away from the ladies bought the boots then hide them in the car from Ruby. On the way back to my place, Ruby told us her real size and we realized Ms. Youth told me the wrong size to purchase. More on this later.

So last night I went to watch a DVD. It wasn't mine and it got stuck in my DVD player. I wouldn't have minded so much if it was one of my DVD's. I started to wig out. I decided to go to bed and handle it in the morning. So I woke up tore my DVD player apart and I retrieved the DVD.

While retrieving the DVD, Ms. Youth calls and asked if I was going to be able to exchange those boots. I got ready and went to Costco, exchanged the boots with no problem. Then about a mile riding home to my place it happened. KERPLAT!!

Some idiot didn't see me riding and was parked then open his car door about three feet from where I was riding. Needless to say I slammed on my bike brakes but I still nailed that car door. I'm sure this dude didn't even bother looking to see if cars or bikes were coming down the street. He stated he didn't even see me and never once apologized for opening his door out on me. I'll let you know my bikes ok, the car door and the dude. The only thing hurt was my temper. I'm still ready to rip someone a new asshole. I also thank god that I had some extra money and was able to get an inexpensive DVD player. So you see, no good deed goes unpunished.


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