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Dentist, Bike, Blackout

So I had a dentist appointment today. It went well as she started to drill my tooth for a filling. Since it was near the gum she had to press down and pull the gum out. Can I say I didn't have enough novocaine and was hanging off the ceiling like Spiderman. She had to numb my mouth more and my jaw still hurts tonight. I know I won't be having sex tonight if I found someone to have sex.

As I left the dentist, I unlocked my bike and started to ride home. I think I got less then 50 feet away from the dentist office when I realized I had a flat. I walked to the bus stop and put my disabled rig on the front bike rack and headed to the nearest bike shop. I hope I have no more flats for awhile.

When I got home, our block was in a blackout for an hour. I have no idea what cause this blackout. I felt lost not being able to be plugged in to the world. I love this world of technology. I'm also glad tomorrow is a new day!!


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