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Seaside Drag

So the other day I met up with another blogger known as Seaside lady for lunch. She came by the salon with her crazy friend and treated me to a nice lunch. We laughed joked and had an amazing time. I met seaside I few weeks ago at a blogger BBQ. She and her friend are amazing people and both of them really enjoyed the look of our salon. Seaside also surprised me with a beautiful card and gift for she knew my birthday just passed. I hope that we can hook up more often when she comes to Santa Cruz.

That night after I had lunch with Seaside I helped my boss get ready to see John Waters. Now most of you know my boss is a drag queen and he dressed up in drag to see John. First thing he did was sit me down in the chair and styled his hairpiece on my head. I have to say I am not a pretty woman.

Second he asked me to shave his legs. WHAT!! You read that right I shaved my bosses legs at work. Then he got into his fake hips and boobs. After that it was time for make-up and hair and the rest of his outfit.!! Can I say I should write a book about my experiences at work and my life.


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