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Product (RED) Ipod NANO and Lifeboard

Last week I received my new Product (RED) Ipod nano. OMG I'm totally in love with this Ipod. I can now play music, music videos, movies and much more on this new nano. Not only that but I also helped someone in Africa get some HIV/AIDS medications. At first I was bitter at the (Red) campaign for only helping people in Africa and not the world. Now I'm in love with the (RED) campaign and buy any and all their products in my budget. I also got a cute little iee shirt which I'll post a pic at a later date.

I started a lifeboard today of my dreams and wishes of what I want out of life. The header for my board states "Life Is Too Good For Wasting!!" Some of the things I'm putting on my lifeboard are going on a cruise, a laptop, going to either Disneyland or Disney World. Others things are having a boyfriend, being in love, and having a commitment ceremony. Another good one is a vacation in Hawaii. To do talk shows and radio interviews about HIV/AIDS and what is need in this country. A trip to NEW York City to see RENT on stage, My dream is to be one of the leads for just one night in the New York production.

The largest items that I'll be putting up will be having a home and a Jeep Wrangler. OMG I just love Jeeps. The are so fun to drive and to go around the town. Of coarse mine would have to be the flaming Red!! Is there any other color for a Jeep? I know what a butch vehicle I'm putting on my life board but it's my dream vehicle.


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