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I was paranoid all day yesterday. Yesterday they were doing some road work on my street. I locked my bike up at the corner stop sign till I was ready for work for I couldn't ride on my block. Since it rain here the night before, I put on my rain pants so I wouldn't get road grunge. As I started ride to work I wanted a smoke. I pulled over and reached into my rain pants and tried to retrieve a cigarette. As I was doing this a police car went by. A few blocks later I saw the same policeman go around the block checking to see what I was doing. I wondered if he was wondering if I was "PLAYING POCKET PULL ON THE STREET!!!"

A few hours later I was in back emptying the vacuum cleaner bag while I was cleaning the salon. Another policeman pulled his car up and confronted me and asked if I worked at the salon. You think working there since January he would have seen me. He stated he never saw me there working.....EVER!! I told him my hair style changed and the color. Well after that he went on his way. Is it no wonder I was paranoid yesterday and in an irritated, pissy, bitchy mood all day!!


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