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The Carrot Story

So I told you I received a bar for carrot soap for my birthday and there was a story behind the soap. Well one of my boss's friends used to work at the local emergency room here. Have I an idea where I'm going with this posting?

A man walked into the emergency room speaking very little English complaining of abdominal cramps. They called my boss's friend into interpret what the man was saying and his ailment. Well anyway he put a carrot up is butt hole and couldn't get it out of his ass.

He claimed that it was a dare from his childhood but we suspect he did it within the last few hours or days. How could a carrot be shoved up your ass for years without decaying or sprouting? The man pleaded with my boss's friend not to tell anyone in the hospital or anyone outside his work. Yeah right!!

So now knowing this, there is about five of us in a select circle that tries to out due each other with carrot gifts on birthdays, holidays, ect. Some of the gifts that have been given have been carrot soap, juice, a bunch of carrot on top of gifts, cards that have a carrot on it somewhere, carrot pictures, glass carrots. My favorite was my boss found a vibrator in the shape of a carrot. No I didn't receive that carrot but I know who got that carrot. I wonder if it ever got stuck too?


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